His beautiful boy wore the bright red tie

The sheets smelt faintly of deep musk

Mattie's palace of graphics
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Chronicles of Narnia Friends only banner: ngraphix

This is a community of Graphics
This is a moderately locked community

The first entry in this community has a questionnaire .
Fill it out. Add this community. Your first entry should be that questionnaire.
After that you can start posting.

1. This is a grapics community. Headers, banners, icons. the works.
2. If you are a fan of something, someone else may be a fan of it also. If you have news (especially if there has been graphics posted under the same topic.) post it, if you like. This is a fan based community.
3. WATCH WHAT YOU POST! Make sure you have the rights to it, or have the rights to post it!
4. I am a fan of a lot of things, so i let anyone post graphics/ and or other things not in my general interest. One reason, i am not judgemental and others may like it. Two, i may have never had a chance to get into it and i might end up liking it once its posted.
5. This is a judgment free community! If you don't like a post of someones, keep it to yourself!
6. Follow my rules. I have a three strikes policy.

Use require the following:
1. You must comment to the maker, to let them know you use it.
2. Feedback is always welcome, but not needed.
3. Credit is a must in anyway shape or form (unless the user states that it is not needed.)
4. Adding someone is optional, but i'm always happier to do requests for people on my friends list :]
5. thank you for respecting this community.
6. If you must resize the image, ask a user (the creator of the image) to do so for you, unless they state for you to do so. ALL ICONS AND HEADERS ARE NOT BASES UNLESS STATED AS SO!
7. My rules may not serve as the posters rules. If the poster has a different set of rules you apply to theirs.

Request can be made as a comment, or an entry. or you may email a user to do something for you, if they state you may do so.

*Any rules from the user are to be done as they have said so. Request are usually done when a User puts an entry up saying, "TAKING REQUESTS!:)" or something along those lines. And at the same time, a user who wants to make a request may put up a bulletin stating they are requesting something. That way users will see the entry and put something together for you.

All entries posted with graphics not owned by you/poster, and not having the rights to said graphics are the fault of the poster.
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